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In a Lavender Field


AromaReflexology combines all of the benefits of traditional reflexology with the additional gains of essential oils. Not only will you receive a bespoke, relaxing reflexology treatment with your own blended reflexology wax, but you will also be given your own supply of your wax to take home with you, enabling you to continue to feel the benefits of the oils long after the treatment is over.

It really is the treatment that keeps on giving!

Aromatherapy is the “holistic art and science of choosing, blending and applying essential oils extracted from plants to heal conditions of disharmony and/or imbalance in an individual patient after consultation and assessment.”

Pitman.V (2019) Aromatherapy: A practical approach

In an AromaReflexology treatment we will work together to select and blend a combination of essential oils that will support you in your daily life.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
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