Free Eco Therapy Group at Aspire

Image by Simon Wilkes

Nature for Wellbeing

Nature for Wellbeing is a FREE 6-week course that offers you a chance to take some time for yourself and reconnect with nature in new, creative ways.

Each week we will spend time focusing on a different, nature based, activity that will support you to discover new ways to feel well. From growing our own herbs and decorating plant pots, to photography, painting and even aromatherapy, we will use all our senses to discover the benefits of being in nature.

As well as this, the group offers participants the opportunity to reflect upon their lives, the things that they are grateful for and the changes they would like to make personally. Using journaling and key questions, each week we explore a different area of our lives.

So, if you are looking for a calm and gentle way to reconnect with yourself, nature and other like-minded people, book your space today by contacting Aspire, directly by clicking here.

The next course beings in September 2022 and will run on Thursday mornings from 10am – 12 noon at Bechange, Ackholt Road, Aylesham.

Booking is essential.

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